Halloween: Spooky or Spendy?

Is it just me or are the days when a child could grab some oddball clothes from their parents’ closet and call it a Halloween costume long gone?

Ask a child, “What are you going to be for Halloween this year?” and you get multiple answers, with a different costume for different parties.

Adult costumes have become as elaborate and expensive as the parties they’re worn to. Per-person spending on Halloween is well over $80 per person and growing year after year.

What that means is that we’re likely spending more than we think.

I’m not suggesting that you quit Halloween. The positives usually outweigh any negatives. It’s tough to beat the good times with family, friends, and neighbors—planning together, unleashing creativity, and creating memories. But we can ask ourselves this: How can we minimize the dollars—and maximize the fun?

Take a moment to step back and say, “How can I be more planful? How can our creativity REDUCE cost?

After all, it’s impulse buying, “needing” multiple costumes, and last-minute shopping that puts us over the top.

What extra value are you getting from extra spending—and what alternatives could shrink the price tag? What can you reuse? Or make yourself? Or borrow? As you plan your purchases, ask yourself, “When Halloween has come and gone, will I be happy with the money spent?"

As you prepare for Halloween, what dollars will build togetherness with family, friends, and neighbors—and what spending will give you a little scare?

Don’t spoil your Halloween fun with next-day money regrets. Whatever you choose to spend, make sure you get the most for your money!

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