Money + Meaning

Too often, the consumer culture is the dominant voice in shaping our money habits. This can lead to unfortunate consequences like increased stress and diminished wellbeing. At Share Save Spend®, we help you deconstruct a variety of money issues, open new lines of communication and build new skills for the journey ahead. When your financial goals reflect your values—including the people and issues that are most important to you—they open a whole new world of possibilities.

Nathan Dungan

Nathan Dungan is the founder and president of Share Save Spend®. For over 25 years, Nathan has been a thought leader in the area of helping individuals and families align their money decisions with their values. He is the author of three books, as well as numerous groundbreaking tools and resources for organizations, individuals, and families.
“…Nathan Dungan…runs a financial consulting and education firm called Share Save Spend for families and others who want to get smarter about money conversations…[I] model some of my own parenting after the way [he raises his] own child.”

Ron Lieber

The New York Times "Your Money" columnist

“Nathan Dungan has a philosophy and framework for financial planning in families that redirects attention to values and makes the distinction between wants and needs—giving weight to sharing and saving as well as spending money. It has changed the way I've talked about money and lived about money with my children.”

Krista Tippett

host of public radio’s On Being

"I have followed Nathan Dungan’s work and recommended his resources to parents and caregivers for years. The reason is simple. It’s more important than ever for parents to teach their children how to handle money. There is no better teacher than Nathan and no better resources than his tools that bring his Share Save Spend strategy to life. As a speaker, Nathan is clear, funny, down-to-earth and practical. His tools are simple, effective and powerful. They should be part of every parent’s tool kit for raising 21st century kids.”

David Walsh Ph.D.

Psychologist and Best Selling Author,