Help Your Young Adult Clients Build Their Financial Capabilities

Our virtual learning platform, Money Sanity U®, is designed to help you support your client families – including your young adult clients. As you know, the money habits young adults develop early in life will impact their wellbeing well into the future. The content in the Money Sanity U® helps them to develop and maintain healthy money habits.

A great place to begin is the learning track I Want to Be Smart with Money. Where Do I Start? which features these key topics:

  1. Defining needs/wants that honor their values 
  2. Setting money goals to be more thoughtful on how, when and why they spend
  3. Creating and maintaining an emergency fund
  4. The basics of credit scores and credit reports
  5. Understanding and determining their money temperament

If you’re interested in learning how Money Sanity U® can help your clients develop financial capabilities and enhance their wellbeing, schedule a conversation to learn more.

Already have access to Money Sanity U®? Visit the I Want to Be Smart with Money. Where Do I Start? learning track. 

Money Sanity U® is a subscription-based, interactive, virtual-learning-platform designed to help you add unique value to your client relationships.

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